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Ongoing Research

In an effort to foster medical student participation in ENT research, the following page is a list of all ongoing research. If you are a medical student and are interested in participating in current studies, please reach out to our residency coordinator, Emily Anderson, and she can help you get in touch with the resident in charge of an ongoing project.

Please refer to this video on how to properly design a research study. 

Ongoing research

Anderson B., Howard A., Haupert M., Thottam PJ. Ipratropium Bromide for the management of recurrent Croup in the pediatric population

Anderson B, Pang B. Allopathic and Osteopathic Medical Student Match Outcomes in Otolaryngology Residency

Anderson B, Thottam PJ. Gelfoam Myringoplasty as Primary Modality for Tympanic Membrane Perforation


Howard A., Codino J., Collum A., Rubin A. Acoustic and perceptual correlates of reduced vibratory capability of the vocal folds.


Kady W., Dharap A., Haupert M., Drury E., Thottam P.  Correlation between severity of laryngomalacia and PSG findings pre and post-supraglottoplasty.


Costeloe A., Howard A., Thottam PJ. (2020). A loose screw: a novel open approach technique for removing large laryngotracheal foreign bodies.


Costeloe A., Smith K., Conway R., Pang B., Babu S. The Use of Medical Grade Honey in the Prevention of  Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Associated Skin Breakdown.


Costeloe A., Tu N, Babu S. Educational value of the ORB-Eye Exoscope in comparison to the microscope in neurotologic surgery.


Costeloe A, Mnatsakanian A, Haupert M. Safety of Supraglottoplasty in Pediatric patients. 


Costeloe A, Mnatsakanian A, Stachler R. Comparison of methods for treating nasal valve collapse. 

Mnatsakanian A, Shifman H, Markowicz J, Thottam PJ, Haupert M. Secondary Postoperative Hemorrhage in the Pediatric Tonsillectomy Patient- is there a correlation between hemorrhage and tonsilloliths?


Mnatsakanian A, Shakibai N, Garmo D, Haupert M, Thottam PJ. The Use of Child-Friendly Personal Protective Equipment in Reduction of Child and Parent Anxiety


if you want to be involved in our ongoing research projects

Emily Anderson
Residency Program Coordinator
Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
Graduate Medical Education
T: (248) 395-6487
F: (248) 967-7794
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