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resident benefits


2020-2021 House staff salary

PGY 1: $52,498

PGY 2: $53,049

PGY 3: $53,581

PGY 4: $55,089

PGY 5: $57,797

Educational Funds

PGY 1:  $1,500

PGY 2:  $1,500

PGY 3:  $1,500

PGY 4:  $1,500

PGY 5:  $2,000


All residents must obtain a Limited Educational and Controlled Substance training license by July 1st of the academic year.  Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital Graduate Medical Education reimburses residents and fellows for the cost of Limited Educational and Controlled Substance licenses. The Educational Licenses renew each year during residency.​

Health Benefits

Residents are eligible for participation in a version of the Ascension SmartHealth benefits program. This benefit program allows residents to choose health, dental, and vision plans to best suit their personal and family needs. This plan also provides short and long-term disability coverage , life insurance, and participation in multiple tax shelter retirement annuity plans.​

Lab Coats

Two lab coats are provided to each resident for the first year and an optional additional lab coat every year thereafter.​


Each resident is provided with a $1500 meal stipend per academic year accessible at all Ascension hospitals.


Conference Time

Residents enjoy 20 days each year that can be used for vacation or academic conferences

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